Minecraft vanilla servers survival

Totally free roam survival world for you. you and your buddies to make what ever you are able to also to mine and fight with other plays to become the most beneficial. that is just a sever exactly where you and your pals can sit and play with out worrying about something there’s normally staff on in case you will need aid with anything. the most beneficial point in regards to the server is that each of the player that play now all get as well as every other are prepared to help new player.

we also
have the clan vs clan war every mouth have been a ckan go fight the other clans in a competitors to determine who’s the very best clan on the sever were the winner are offered a prize andeveryone in that clan get the same thing regardless of how many are in it but only five from every clan can entry but everyone winner something in that clan and second and third location get something as well.


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