Minecraft multiplayer survival servers to join

This server just isn’t your typical server. We come with no tiers, no strings attached, and no game altering mods. We’re an improved version of a Vanilla server. Look around. Most huge named servers have gimmicks and usually annoying or confusing variables for instance complicated factions. We aim to provide what we feel could be the most true sense of what survival minecraft is, a survival adventure game. Make use of the server as a frequent gathering spot for the good friends, go off and develop and get pleasure from the game with your pals, but really feel free to delight in the neighborhood that we have strives to create also! Admins are quite chill and will under no circumstances abuse their power of players.


Hell, once you spawn in and are in our entrance room you may see the only rule is “Use typical sense”. We are striving to create a server where it is possible to possess the enjoyment of a LAN celebration with the distance of a server.

We are going to be going public soon! We have a handful of towns pre-started so you’ll be able to join among these or go off and do your own personal issue! Be sure you verify up and see what events and competitions we are going to be holding! This server is gonna be an incredible public server! Our mod group is close and friendly, 13 of us!


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