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Minewind is known as one of the top rated brutal anarchy 1.8.8 Minecraft survival servers where PKing means ownage!
Where people have no rules to fight, where pking & griefing is the rule of all.
Where anarchy allows people to use deception, kill players, steal drops, grief, and more!

Minewind is running on enterprise quality hardware.

No world resets.
The world has no border limit.
TNT and Lava Buckets are enabled.

They have many awesome custom coded features, but they still preserve that vanilla feel!

Be a lone wolf or unite with others, yet choose your friends carefully. You will have to adapt to anarchy, survive long enough to meet new interesting personalities and prepare yourself for countless hours of entertainment. Most of the custom server features are not explained by staff, you’ll have to discover everything for yourself.

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Survive long enough and begin to build incredible things:

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